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The transformation of foreign policy : drawing and managing boundaries from antiquity to the present

Autores adicionales: Hellmann, Gunther -- 1960- | Fahrmeir, Andreas | Vec, Milos
Publicado por : Oxford University Press (Deddington (Oxfordshire, Reino Unido)) Detalles físicos: viii, 304 páginas : ilustraciones ISBN:9780198783862; 0198783868. Año : 2016
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The transformation of foreign policy : legal framework, historiography, theory / Gunther Hellmann, Andreas Fahrmeir, and Miloš Vec -- Foreign policy : concept, vocabulary, and practice / Gunther Hellmann -- Inside/outside(s) : conceptualizations, criteria, and functions of a dichotomy in nineteenth-century international legal doctrine / Miloš Vec -- Between demarcation and integration : the context of foreign policy in ancient Greece / Hans Beck -- Aspects of the Christianization of foreign policy in late antiquity : the impact of religious universalism / Hartmut Leppin -- Fragile boundaries and personal actors : the nineteenth century as a period of transformation / Andreas Fahrmeir -- Spatial and temporal dimensions of legal history : international law, foreign policy, and the construction of a legal order / Luigi Nuzzo -- Back to the future : rediscovery of diplomatic conduct and the moment of foreign policy transformation : diplomacy between Versailles and Locarno, 1919-25 / Verena Steller -- Renaissance of the city as global actor : the role of foreign policy and international law practices in the construction of cities as global actors / Janne E. Nijman -- States only? The evolution of diplomacy / Christer Jönsson -- Domestic public diplomacy, domestic diplomacy, and domestic foreign policy / Paul Sharp -- The multiple and changing purposes of foreign policy / Gunther Hellmann, Andreas Fahrmeir, and Miloš Vec.

The study of foreign policy is usually concerned with the interaction of states, and thus with governance structures which emerged either with the so-called 'Westphalian system' or in the course of the 18th century: diplomacy and international law. As a result, examining foreign policy in earlier periods involves conceptual and terminological difficulties, which echo current debates on 'post-national' foreign policy actors like the European Union or global cities. This volume argues that a novel understanding of what constitutes foreign policy may offer a way out of this problem. It considers foreign policy as the outcome of processes that make some boundaries different from others, and set those that separate communities in an internal space apart from those that mark foreignness. The creation of such boundaries, which can be observed at all times, designates specific actors - which can be, but do not have to be, 'states' - as capable of engaging in foreign policy. As such boundaries are likely to be contested, they are unlikely to provide either a single or a simple distinction between 'insides' and 'outsides'. In this view, multiple layers of foreign-policy actors with different characteristics appear less as a modern development and more as a perennial aspect of foreign policy. In a broad perspective stretching from early Greek polities to present-day global cities, the volume offers a theoretical and empirical presentation of this concept by political scientists, jurists, and historians.

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