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The socialist feminist project : a contemporary reader in theory and politics

Autores adicionales: Holmstrom, Nancy -- (Nancy Christina Louise) -- editor
Series: Women´s studies / Social theories and movements Publicado por : Monthly Review Press (Nueva York (Estados Unidos)) Detalles físicos: 426 páginas ISBN:9781583670682; 9781583670699. Año : 2002
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Part I. Sex, Sexuality, And Reproduction. A question of class / Dorothy Allison ; Gender, sexuality, political economy / Micaela di Leonardo and Roger Lancaster ; Premenstrual syndrome, work discipline, and anger / Emily Martin ; Human rights, reproductive health, and economic justice : why they are indivisible / Rosalind P. Petchesky ; Reclaiming Marxist feminism for a need-based sexual politics / Rosemary Hennessy -- Part II. Family : Love, Labor, And Power. The family is dead, long live our families / Judith Stacey ; Stories of survival : class, race and domestic violence / Janice Haaken ; Redefining the home / Purvi Shah ; My brother's sex was white, mine brown / Cherrie Moraga ; Revisiting Marx and Engels on the family / Stephanie Coontz ; On conceiving motherhood and sexuality : a feminist-materalist approach / Ann Ferguson ; Bargaining with patriarchy / Deniz Kandiyoti ; The disappearing fathers under global capitalism / Temma Kaplan -- Part III. Wage Labor And Struggles. Women workers and capitalist scripts : ideologies of domination, common interests, and the politics of solidarity / Chandra Talpade Mohanty ; The hidden history of affirmative action : working women's struggles in the 1970s and the gender of class / Nancy Maclean ; Making fantasies real : producing women and men on the maquila shop floor / Leslie Salzinger ; Machos and machetes in Guatemala's cane fields / Elizabeth Oglesby ; An international perspective on slavery in the sex industry / Jo Bindman ; Globalizing sex workers' rights / Kamala Kempadoo -- Part IV. Economics, Social Welfare, And Public Policy. Still under attack : women and welfare reform / Mimi Abramovitz ; Toward a strategy for women's economic equality / Chris Tilly and Randy Albelda ; Public imprisonment and private violence : reflections on the hidden punishment of women / Angela Y. Davis ; Conceptualizing women's interests / Maxine Molyneux -- Part V. Politics And Social Change. Appreciating our beginnings / Sheila Rowbotham ; Listen up, Anglo sisters / Elizabeth Martínez ; Capitalism and human emancipation : race, gender, and democracy / Ellen Meiksins Wood ; Militarizing women's lives / Cynthia Enloe ; Democratization : reflections on gendered dislocations in the public sphere / Mary E. Hawkesworth ; Mapping gender in African-American political strategies / Leith Mullings ; Intersections, locations, and capitalist class relations : intersectionality from a Marxist perspective / Johanna Brenner -- Part VI. Nature, Society, And Knowledge. The feminist standpoint revisited / Nancy Hartsock ; A Marxist theory of women's nature / Nancy Holmstrom ; The ecopolitics debate and the politics of nature / Val Plumwood ; Women and the third world : exploring the dangers of difference / Meera Nanda ; Expanding environmental justice : Asian-American feminists' contribution / Julie Sze.