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China, The United States, and the future of Latin America

Autores adicionales: Denoon, David -- editor
Series: U.S.-China relations . 3 Publicado por : New York University Press (New York [New York]) Detalles físicos: ix, 419 páginas : ilustraciones ISBN:9781479821648. Año : 2017
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Preface -- part I. The context -- 1. China's arrival in Latin America / David B.H. Denoon -- 2. Is There a LatAm-US-China economic triangle? An economic overview / Osvaldo Rosales -- 3. The new and not-so-new foreign policies in the Americas / Christopher Sabatini -- 4. Latin American views of Chinese and U.S. policy / Benjamin Creutzfeldt -- part II. Perspectives from key countries -- 5. Mexico-United States-China : conditions and challenges of this new triangular relationship from a Mexican perspective / Enrique Dussel Peters -- 6. A structural explanation for Sino-US-Venezuelan relations / Anthony Petros Spanakos -- 7. U.S., China, and Brazil : do we need three to samba? / Jos{acute}e Augusto Guilhon-Albuquerque -- 8. Argentina, the US, and China : a new triangle in the making? / Jos{acute}e Luis Machinea and Lucio Castro -- 9. China and the United States in the Andes / Ruben Gonzalez-Vicente -- 10. Central America and the Caribbean's relations with China and the United States : contrasting experiences! converging prospects? / Richard L. Bernal -- part III. Outside powers -- 11. China's rise in Latin America : myths and realities / He Li -- 12. Strategic aspects of the China- Latin America interaction / Haibin Niu -- 13. The United States, China, and Latin America : taking advantage of globalization and moving beyond a threat matrix / Daniel A. Restrepo and Frank O. Mora -- 14. China's security challenge to the United States in Latin America and the Caribbean / R. Evan Ellis -- part IV. Conclusion -- 15. Conclusions and comparisons to developments in Central and Southeast Asia / David B.H. Denoon.

Provides insight into U.S. and Chinese involvement in aid, trade, direct investment and strategic ties in Latin America. In recent years, China has become the largest trading partner for more than half the countries in Latin America, and demonstrated major commitments in aid and direct investment in various parts of the region. China has also made a number of strategic commitments to countries like Nicaragua, Cuba, and Venezuela which have long-standing policies opposing U.S. influence in the region. China, the United States, and the Future of Latin America posits that this activity is a direct challenge to the role of the U.S. in Latin America and the Caribbean. Part of a three-volume series analyzing U.S.-China relations in parts of the world where neither country is dominant, this volume analyzes the interactions between the U.S., China, and Latin America. The book series has so far considered the differences in operating styles between China and the U.S. in Central Asia and Southeast Asia. This third volume unpacks the implications of competing U.S. and Chinese interests in countries such as Brazil and Argentina, and China's commitments in Nicaragua and Venezuela. This volume draws upon a variety of policy experts, focusing on the viewpoints of South American and Caribbean scholars as well as scholars from outside states. China's new global reach and its ambitions, as well as the U.S. response, are analyzed in detail.A nuanced examination of current complexities and future implications, China, the United States and the Future of Latin America provides readers with varied perspectives on the changing economic and strategic picture in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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