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Physiotherapy in mental health and psychiatry : a scientific and clinical based approach

Autores adicionales: Probst, Michel -- editor | Skjaerven, Liv Helvik, -- editor
Series: Physiotherapy essentials Publicado por : Elsevier (Edinburgh) Detalles físicos: xi, 338 páginas : ilustraciones ISBN:9780702072680; 0702072680. Año : 2018
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Section 1. Introduction. Introduction to Physiotherapy in Mental Health and Psychiatry -- Section 2. Psychological models used in physiotherapy in mental health. From A Biomedical to More Biopsychosocial Models in Physiotherapy in Mental Health -- Phenomenology – A Source of Inspiration -- Perspectives on Human Movement, The Phenomenon of Movement Quality and How to Promote Movement Quality Through Movement Awareness as Physiotherapy in Mental Health -- Improving Adherence to Physiotherapy in Mental Health Settings: The Need for Autonomy, Competence and Social Relatedness -- Activephysio: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (Act) For the Physiotherapist in The Area of Chronic Pain -- Section 3. Methodologies within physiotherapy in mental health and psychiatry. Norwegian Psychomotor Physiotherapy, A Brief Introduction -- Basic Body Awareness Therapy (Bbat): A Movement Awareness Learning Modality In Physiotherapy, Promoting Movement Quality -- Psychomotor Therapy or Physiotherapy In Mental Health For Patients With Psychiatric Problems -- Prescribing Physical Activity In Mental Health Care Settings -- Relaxation Therapy -- The Added Value Of Biofeedback For The Psychosomatic Physiotherapist -- Group Therapeutic Factors For Use In Physiotherapy In Mental Health: A Core In Group Physiotherapy -- Section 4. Observation and evaluation tools. Observation And Evaluation Tools Within Physiotherapy In Mental Health -- Section 5. Physiotherapy within mental health and psychiatry care. Specific interventions during life span: children, adolescents, adults and elderly. Physiotherapy In Mental Health Care.

"A brand new and must have textbook for the students and practising physiotherapists which acts as a trusted guide on the different perspectives, contexts and approaches across the spectrum of mental health and psychiatry settings. Grounded in theory and clinical practice, it covers a range of widely-used evaluation tools and treatment methods for specific syndromes and pathologies which will help physiotherapists to signpost and identify the care needs of their patients within both individual and group therapeutic settings. Case studies ensure that the theory discussed is applied to various practical scenarios after which reflective exercises are used to reinforce learning and understanding."--Publisher.

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