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Ethnographica moralia experiments in interpretive anthropology editado por Neni Panourgiá, George E. Marcus - Nueva York (Estados Unidos) Fordham University press 2008 - vii, 280 páginas

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Introduction / Neni Panourgiá and George E. Marcus -- Interview with Clifford Geertz / Neni Panourgiá and Pavlos Kavouras -- Contemporary fieldwork aesthetics in art and anthropology : experiments in collaboration and intervention / George E. Marcus -- Myth, performance, poetics : the gaze from classics / Richard P. Martin -- The birth of anthropology out of a pause on Pausanias : Frazer's travel-translations : reinterrupted and resumed / James A. Boon -- Anamneses of a pestilent infant : the enigma of monstrosity, or beyond Oedipus / Athena Athanasiou -- Fragments of Oedipus : anthropology at the edges of history / Neni Panourgiá -- Carnal hermeneutics : from "Concepts" and "Circles" to "Dispositions" and "Suspense" / Eleni Papagaroufali -- "Real anthropology" and other nostalgias / Kath Weston -- Canonical and anticanonical histories / Antonis Liakos -- Anthropology at the French National Assembly : the semiotic aspects of a political institution / Marc Abélès -- "Life is dead here" : sensing the political in "no man's land" / Yael Navaro-Yashin -- Text and transnational subjectification : media's challenge to anthropology / Louisa Schein -- Afterword : the ethnographer's "gaze" : some notes on visuality and its relation to the reflexive : metalanguage of anthropology / Maria Kakavoulia.

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