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The Oxford handbook of the economics of networks editado por Yann Bramoullé, Andrea Galeotti, and Brian Rogers - New York (Estados Unidos) Oxford University Press 2016 - xi, 841 páginas - Oxford handbooks online Oxford handbooks .

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Introduction to the Handbook The Past and Future of Network Analysis in Economics / Networks in Economics / Networks / Network formation games / Stochastic Network Formation and Homophily / Links and Actions in Interplay / Games Played on Networks / Repeated games and networks / Diffusion in Networks / Learning in Social Networks / Conflict and Networks / Key players / Models of Bilateral Trade in Networks / Strategic Models of Intermediation Networks / Networks, Shocks, and Systemic Risk / Financial Contagion in Networks / Networks in International Trade / Small-World Networks / Econometrics of Network Formation / Some Challenges in the Empirics of the Effects of Networks / Networked Experiments / Field Experiments, Social Networks, and Development / Networks in the Laboratory / Informal Transfers in Social Networks / Community Networks and Migration / Social Networks and the Labor Market / Attention in Organizations / Targeting and Pricing in Social Networks / Managing Social Interactions / Economic Features of the Internet and Network Neutrality / Yann Bramoullé, Andrea Galeotti, Brian Rogers -- Matthew Jackson -- Sanjeev Goyal -- Alan Kirman -- Vincent Vannetelbosch, Ana Mauleon -- Paolo Pin, Brian Rogers -- Fernando Vega-Redondo -- Yann Bramoullé, Rachel Kranton -- Francesco Nava -- PJ Lamberson -- Ben Golub, Evan Sadler -- Sanjeev Goyal, Adrien Vigier, Marcin Dziubinski -- Yves Zenou -- Mihai Manea -- Andrea Galeotti, Daniele Condorelli -- Daron Acemoglu, Asu Ozdaglar, Alireza Tahbaz-Salehi -- Antonio Cabrales, Douglas Gale, Piero Gottardi -- Thomas Chaney -- Duncan Watts -- Arun Chandrasekhar -- Bernard Fortin, Vincent Boucher -- Sinan Aral -- Emily Breza -- Syngjoo Choi, Shachar Kariv, Edoardo Gallo -- Markus Mobius, Tanya Rosenblat -- Kaivan Munshi -- Lori Beaman -- Andrea Prat, Wouter Dessein -- Francis Bloch -- Dina Mayzlin -- Nick Economides.

'The Oxford Handbook of the Economics of Networks' represents the frontier of research into how and why networks they form, how they influence behavior, how they help govern outcomes in an interactive world, and how they shape collective decision making, opinion formation, and diffusion dynamics. From a methodological perspective, the authors devote attention to theory, field experiments, laboratory experiments, and econometrics. Theoretical work in network formation, games played on networks, repeated games, and the interaction between linking and behavior are synthesized. A number of chapters are devoted to studying social processes mediated by networks.

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