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Posner, Richard A.

Economic analysis of law Richard A. Posner. - 7a. Ed. - Nueva York (Estados Unidos) Wolters Kluwer Law & Business Aspen Publishers c2007 - xxii, 787 páginas ilustraciones

The nature of economic reasoning -- The economic approach to law -- Property -- Contract rights and remedies -- Family law and sex law -- Tort law -- Criminal law -- The common law, legal history, and jurisprudence -- The theory of monopoly -- The antitrust laws -- The regulation of the employment relation -- Public utility and common carrier regulation -- The choice between regulation and common law -- Corporations, secured and unsecured financing, bankruptcy -- Financial markets -- Income inequalities, distributive justice, and poverty -- Taxation -- The transmission of wealth at death -- The market, the adversary system, and the legislative process as methods of resource allocation -- The process of legal rulemaking -- Civil and criminal procedure -- Evidence -- Law enforcement and the administrative process -- The nature and functions of the constitution -- Economic due process -- The economics of federalism -- Racial discrimination -- The protection of free markets in ideas and religion -- Searches, seizures, and interrogations.


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