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NGOs, states and donors

Autores adicionales: Edwards, Michael -- editor | Hulme, David -- editor
Series: International political economy | International political economy classics Publicado por : Palgrave Macmillan (Basingstoke (Hampshire, Inglaterra)) Detalles físicos: xxxiv, 327 páginas ISBN:9781137355140. Año : 2013
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Foreword; T.M. Shaw Preface; David Hulme, M.Edwards and N.Banks PART 1: NGO STATES AND DONORS: AN OVERVIEW AND KEY ISSUES 1. NGOs, States and Donors: An Overview; D.Hulme and M.Edwards 2. Donors, Democratization and Civil Society: Relating Theory to Practice; H.Blair 3. The State, Popular Participation and the Voluntary Sector; J.Clark 4. Privatising the Voluntary Sector: NGOs as Public Service Contractors; M.Robinson 5. States Without Citizens: The Proble of the Franchise State; G.Wood 6. Finding Common Ground in Asia-Pacific Development; H.Morales and I.Serrano PART 2: NGO-DONOR RELATIONSHIPS: WHEN YOUR HAND IS IN ANOTHER PERSON'S POCKET...? 7. Heavy Hands, Hidden Hands, Holding Hands? Donors, Intermediary NGOs and Civil Society Organisations; A. Bebbington and R.Riddell 8. Appeasing the Gods of Sustainability: The Future of International NGOs in Microfinance; T.Dichter 9. World Vision Internationa and Donors: Too Close for Comfort?; S.Commins 10. In Unequal Dialogue with Donors: The Experience of the Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement; J.Perera 11. Elephant Loose in the Jungle: The World Bank and NGOs in Sri Lanka; R. Hodson PART 3: NGO-STATE RELATIONSHIPS: RELUCTANT PARTNERS REVISITED? 12. The Associative Phenomenon in the Arab World: Engine of Democratization or Witness to the Crisis?; M.Marzouk 13. NGO-State Relations in Post-Mao China; J.Howell 14. The State-NGO Relationship: Rights, Interests and Accountability; R. Wanigaratne 15. NGOs and Development in Brazil: Roles and Responsibilities in a 'New World Order'; M.Bosch 16. Mice Amongst the Tigers: Adding Value in NGO-Government Relations in South East Asia; R.Mawer PART 4: NGOs, THE POOR AND DISADVANTAGED: RETURNING TO THE ROOTS? 17. Between Cooption and Irrelevance? Latin American NGOs in the 1990s; J.Pearce 18. Conclusion; D. Hulme and M.Edwards Afterword; D.Hulme, M.Edwards and N.Banks