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How do we know?

Series: Issues in science and theology Publicado por : T & T Clark (London | New York) Detalles físicos: xi, 206 páginas ilustraciones ISBN:9780567371041. Año : 2010
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The role of understanding in human nature / Peter Gärdenfors -- The origins of science and religion : why do people have the beliefs that they do? / Lewis Wolpert -- From modern to postmodern conceptions of knowledge : where do we stand today? / Mikael Stenmark -- The scientific project : knowledge without meaning? / Håkan Snellmann -- How do we know about the self : theoretical, experimental, and neural? / Rebekka A. Klein -- 'The end of faith?' Theology as process / Noreen Herzfeld -- Faith, science and postmodernity / Antje Jackelén -- How scientific knowledge changes theology : a case study from original sin / Eva-Lotta Grantén -- Self, knowledge and faith : an approach to constructive dialogue in science and religion / W. Richard Bowen -- The multiplicity of purposes of 'religion and science' / Willem B. Drees -- Towards understanding 'understanding' in science, epistemology and theology / Peter P. Kirschenmann -- On first principles : Arthur Schopenhauer and bridging the science/religion divide / David K. Goodin -- Knowing through narratives? Narrative understanding an the separation between the narrative and non-narrative / Marie Veijrup Nielsen -- 'Let me tell you a story': narrative and meaning in science and religion / John A. Teske.

This book considers the nature of knowledge in science and religion and criticallyexamines the relation between these two domains of human knowledge andconvictions. Is religious belief knowledge? If so, what kind of knowledge isit? What kind of knowledge is science? And how are religious beliefs and scientificclaims of knowledge justified? All these are issues at the centre of publicdebates on the relation between science and religion.

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